You are invited to our Spring 2020 Digital Trade Show!

Join the great conversation, learn industry trends, and meet a few of our business partners!

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Keven Hempel and other Freestone Reconstruction team members will meet with industry leaders to discuss a few hot topics. This digital trade show will be well-worth your lunch break time – plus you can join the trade show from the comfort of your home.

A few of our guest speakers:

Christie Bravo – Bravo Roofing

Meet, Christie Bravo, VP of Client Partnerships at Bravo Roofing Inc. She will be joining our Digital Trade Show to help answer the burning question, “What do we do now?” 

Christie has been in the industry for 11 years and she enjoys bringing education, documentation, and communication to her clients. I am most excited to discuss how women add value to the construction industry and how communication can change your business, Christie said.

Mitchell Johns – Freestone Reconstruction

Mitchell Johns, our Senior Estimator, has been in the industry for 16 years.

“I started working at my family’s cabinet shop when I was 16,” Mitchell said. “Then I went to CalPoly SLO and earned a Construction Management Degree.”

Since then, he has worked in the reconstruction and construction fields in the Bay Area.

Mitchell will be joining the conversation on our Digital Trade Show this Friday.

“SB721 is a KEY item in regards to the construction industry specifically. A major topic as a while is scope development and ensuring contractors are bidding ‘apples to apples’. We see time and time again, especially in the HOA world, clients not providing clear scopes of work for their contractors to bid. We also see clients who have each individual contractor develop their own scope of work and submit on that. It is impossible to compare proposals/pricing and make informed decisions without the development of a clear scope of work. As well as, confirmation that each contractor is bidding the same scope of work.”

Erik Olson – Freestone Reconstruction

Meet Erik, an Account Manager at Freestone Reconstruction. He will be joining us this Friday to answer the big question – What do we do now?

“I’ve been on the construction side of things for about 3 years now,” said Erik. “Before that, I was an HOA manager for about 15 years and dealt with various maintenance issues including construction defect litigation at a property where I was the onsite manager.”

Erik is excited to discuss industry trends and answers to some of his own questions.

“Other than the coronavirus issue dominating the news everywhere these days, I’m most interested in the legislation that’s been passed over the last 2 years addressing balconies and elevated walkways and how asset managers, property managers, and other industry partners are planning for these required inspections.

>> Are they starting to budget for them now?

> Have they already started working on them now in anticipation of the first deadline or are they going to wait until the first year they are due?”

We look forward to having you join us Friday, March 20, at 12 p.m. PST. We are in this together.

If you have questions about the event, please do not hesitate to contact us here.