Top 6 Tips for Working with a Business Partner

The partnerships you as a Community Manager make, and the relationships you build with fellow industry leaders, greatly impact the outcome of your projects, budgets, and time. Whether you use our company or another one, we strongly encourage you to go through the following checklist and make sure your needs are being met by your business partners.

Not all construction managers are good at their jobs. Excellent business partners with good project managers do not need someone to oversee the project itself. Many general contractors and partners have lost the point of service. 

We urge you to have an expectation of customer service and seek a company that can exceed it. 

Here are our top 6 things you should watch out for while working with a Business Partner:

  1. Does their communication work for you? We think it is important your business partner is available to serve you to the best of their ability. Calling, texting, emailing, or visiting in person for updates and signatures is something you should expect. As well as weekly communication throughout the project. We believe it is just as important to get proper updates, schedules, and timeline information to the Board of Directors, as it is to provide them to the Community Manager. This action is critical in retaining long term relationships and building longevity of contracts. 
  2. Does the scope of the project match the project site needs? It is important your outlined scope of the project that is written into the contract meets all the site needs. Some business partners tend to either overlook some issues and or write the scope to be much larger than the actual project. Make sure the scope, project, and budget line up for you. 
  3. Is the project schedule correct and your timeline being met? Business partners who don’t stay on the schedule are simply not doing their job unless there is an explanation. If your business partner struggles with staying true to their timeline, we suggest finding a new contractor. Your time and money are precious. 
  4. Are the submittals of the project what you want and are they delivered on time? We believe in meeting the client’s expectations and so should you. If the submittals do not line up with what was previously discussed, you need to talk to your business partner about this issue. They should match the discussion and be on time.
  5. Does your business partner offer to meet you on-site and answer any questions? This aspect of any business partner is sometimes hard to find but should be expected. They should make themselves available to meet with you and provide answers to any questions or concerns you or your Board of Directors have.
  6. When something doesn’t go as planned, how does your business partner handle it? Have you ever been in a relationship with someone whose primary focus is seemingly to “name and shame” when something goes wrong? We recognize that we are all human and mistakes happen. We believe that true business partners are there to help work through those problem moments by focusing in on the solutions, rather than how bad we can make each other feel. As with any relationship, the best ones work together to make things better. Look for business partners who care not only about their own work product, but who support you and want to make you look like a rockstar! 

Pick your business partners wisely and keep a high standard for who you choose to work with.