Snail mail was always the thing to do and the best way to get your news out to everyone. However, do you know if your recipient opened their news or did it just hit the trash can?

In 2018, we moved from printed newsletters to our team, to automated, direct newsletters. Our platform was Constant Contact and it allowed us to test a method of communication with our leadership and Foremen. Instant newsletters were faster to create and cheaper to deliver. Plus, within moments we had open rates and click rates. We knew who was getting our message and who was diving deeper by clicking on linked websites and articles.

It worked. Our trial run was successful and in 2019, we started using it for all external communication as well. From team news to surveys, everything is now handled through Constant Contact.

Part of our test for the email campaign system was having the capability to have multiple users and allow account managers the opportunity to craft their own updates and emails as well.

“Constant Contact has been an amazing way to communicate with my clients!” said Justin Pastorius, Freestone Reconstruction Account Manager. “My clients have been very pleased and have stated that they have never had updates like this before. Constant contact is a game-changer!”

Not only do our team members love the system, but our clients do too.

“Awesome product designed to make management look good – smart and different – thanks for sharing!” said Jason Brown, CEO of Homeowners Management Company, LLC.

Our strategy for digital media in 2020 most certainly includes the use of our newsletter platform, but it also includes YOU. Click here to subscribe to our list of friends who get our team news first.

If you want to know more about our digital media strategy we have implemented to kick off the next decade, contact us here.

Cheers to the New Year!