Where is your contractor?  Did they disappear during the Covid-19 epidemic or have they stayed in contact with you?

The pandemic hit in a painful way for individuals, families, companies, and negatively affected just about every industry. Although our team was not immune to this, we are going to come out of the economic downturn better and stronger than we were before. Here is why: 

  1. On a weekly basis, we hear clients, customers, and owners say they cannot get ahold of their contractor because their contractor has gone MIA. Rather than staying connected, contractors are “sheltering in place,” leaving their clients left to wonder…what happens next?
  2. Too many companies do not plan for rainy days, let alone rainy months. When things tighten up, they are unable to weather the storm. It is all too common for businesses to expect and rely on increased revenues to continue fueling their top-heavy companies.  Unfortunately, that is not realistic, especially in times like these.
  3. We work within the confines of a very streamlined process that consists of a tight-knit team. There is no fluff and there are no benchwarmers. Every employee is a key player. This allows us to stay lean and mean, and in effect weather those rainy times.
  4. We value our field personnel and we strive to push them up in our process, generally promoting from within. We have worked with the same group of core personnel, and continue to do so. Too often, companies treat their field personnel, and employees as a whole, as a commodity. This creates a resentful culture.  Our owner understands this – he is a humble being. He treats his employees fairly, with respect, and as if they are part of the business. He doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.  I choose to work for him for these reasons, among others.
  5. As a team, we value our customers, clients, and the relationships we have built with them. We take the time to understand and relate to them on a more personal level. Work is work – yes – but when you slow down and choose to dive deeper, it allows what you do to become more than just WORK. At the same time, we look for our clients to understand the fact that business and relationships must be a two-way street.  If they do not also value us and the services we provide, they typically will not end up being a long-term partner of ours.
  6. Lastly, the groundwork was laid for Freestone Reconstruction, with B. Taylor Painting, our sister company. Brian Taylor was able to grow B. Taylor Painting during the downturn in 2008-2009 for very similar reasons as stated above.  

I am proud to work for Freestone Reconstruction. I believe in what we do – we will be here when you call on us.

Mitchell Johns, Director of Estimating and Project Management