Was last week a weird work week for you? It was for us. We are doing business as unusual, however, we are still serving our business partners and here for YOU.

Here is what we CAN do to help you during this time! Please let us know if you need help. 

• Property inspections – Let’s discuss the scope of work, repair matrix for budgets, and more.

• Pre-construction meetings internally – We can get materials ready and prepare for projects in the future.

• Plan out future projects – This will help both of us be ahead of the curve by getting proposals signed and on the schedule.

• We can revisit sites and look at numbers and past inspections.

• Emergency projects – we can help with electrical, carpentry, water, and other damages putting your clients in an unsafe situation.

• Budget planning! This is the perfect time to have our team begin working on your project budgets.

Contact us today if we can serve you during this time.