Are you quarantine crazy yet or are you emerging as a chaos leader amongst your colleagues? 

As our team has settled into a new “norm”, the service we provide to our clients has not changed. Providing services looks a little different as we spend more time on the phone or on zoom calls than in person. However, we are in the field, completing projects, discussing budgets, and signing proposals. 

Our team members are using their time as home to be as productive as possible, especially since their drive times have been eliminated from their day. 

Check out these tips from the team:

  1. Try going for a walk or getting your workout in mid-day instead of before or after work.  This helps to break things up a bit. Personally, we go crazy sitting at a desk for 3-4 hours at a time.  
  2. Put some music on in the background … different moods call for different tunes.
  3. Drink green tea instead of coffee. You might find the coffee makes you too anxious/jittery to sit at a desk for long periods, and water can get boring to drink all day. 
  4. Set a schedule and map out your to-do list before the day starts. This will help you stay on track. 
  5. Contact team members throughout the day to help you stay connected, answer questions and brainstorm together. 
  6. CLICK HERE for our most recent conversation with business leaders discussing what it is like to be an emerging chaos leader as times are changing.

If there is a way our team can serve you during this time, let us know. We are happy to help!