The Freestone Team has been offering first-class service to our clients and business partners over several years! 

One of the services we offer to each client is budgeting assistance for their reconstruction projects. We do this after the scope of work and matrix have been created, which we offer at a fair price. It can be difficult to know how much a project will cost and how to properly plan for it. Many contractors do not offer budgeting assistance, or they charge for it. At Freestone, we focus on the longevity of relationships and integrity with every client. This is why we want to see you succeed and help you plan for your property’s future. 

Depending on your company’s reserve processes and preventative maintenance strategies, our team strives to streamline your costs and help you plan for a successful year. Even if your properties don’t need work done this year, it’s a good time to begin planning. 

Planning your budget starts with knowing your business partners; a good partner provides clear and complete information to you regardless of the type or size of any given project. The SERVICE the partner provides is key to knowing what to expect. A trades professional will be able to honestly tell you what they think is imminent versus what can wait, and will provide a clear scope of work at a fair cost. 

Here are key concepts to keep in mind when planning your projects and budgets: 

  • Start Early! – It is especially important if you have a large property or multiple properties to start the planning process early. We will want to be able to thoroughly assess each one and discuss timing and expectations. It never hurts to strategize early, even if the project is a year out.
  • Determine Your Scope of Work – What will the job entail? Are you replacing exactly what is existing or changing the design? What materials do you want to use? Let’s meet onsite to discuss what will be required to execute your vision.
  • Go the Extra Mile – Sitemaps, reserve budget expectations, and other property-specific challenges are great details to let us know in advance to appropriately plan your budget and project.

Most importantly, don’t hesitate to contact us to start your planning. Building bids for projects is one of the best parts of my job, and walking the site, seeing all of the hard work of planning and budgeting come to fruition, is a very satisfying feeling for everyone involved. 

If we can help you build your budgets, now is the time. 

Contact me today to get help with your plans!